Top best Military and Tactical backpacks [Buyers Guide]: Accessories, MOLLE, & Hydration Bladder.

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Best Military Backpack

A military backpack is something which is handled exclusively by the individuals who do hardcore stuff. It is typically not a normal backpack.


If you have trouble with buying the best military backpack for your upcoming adventure, don’t worry we got you covered.


We did our best to bring out some of the top-rated and high quality military tactical backpack. These listed backpacks will satisfy all your expectations in buying the best military backpack.


We carefully analyzed checking various key factors in selecting these loaded backpacks from storage space, MOLLE webbing, hydration compartment, water resistance, and enough pockets to preserve all your needed things.

These are the Best Military Backpacks of 2019

Product Brand Fabric Price
CS Force
Orca Tactical

Buyers Guide: Buying best Military & Tactical backpack

To purchase best Military & Tactical backpack you should need to remember some key factors that make a military & tactical backpack worthy of buying.


Military backpacks are usually made of high quality and durable material that probably last every circumstance.  Nylon and Polyester are the common materials used to build these kind of rigid backpack.

These heavy duty grade materials are more commonly called as 1000D/1050D consist of Nylon and 600D consist of Polyester. These provide that durability and water-resistance capability. Consider these when buying.

Size in Liters(L)

Size depends on how much you can carry. The average size of a backpack is 40L – 50L which is pretty huge compared to normal backpack. If you need that much storage space no problem in going for it.

Military backpack also come in 20L variant which can be used as regular backpack too. Most people like to have hug backpack with 50L – 60L for their trips to carry all the things they need. It depends on your need, nothing more that that.

Hydration & MOLLE compatible

Most important feature of Military backpack which separate it from normal backpack is Hydration bladder & MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) support. These two are must to have during long and heavy duty trips.

All military backpacks support these features. Hydration bladder is internal water source you carry inside you backpack. It has separate compartment to hold it. MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) is external storage space you add to the backpack to expand your storage space.

Comfort & Function

Military backpacks don’t always provide a high-level of comfort compared to a normal backpack. As the bag gets loaded comfort will reduce. All through the military backpacks come with padding.

The shoulder straps are also most likely to have padded straps to provide you with that comfort. 

The way you use it can determine the functionality of the backpack. As this backpack is made to withstand all kind of functionality with ease.

Storage Compartment

Military backpack’s average capacity is 40L and has multiple storage compartments to hold all your belongings. The military backpack comes with many small pockets. 

If that space is not enough you can add MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) to your backpack to carry more stuff.

Applicable Occasions

This style of backpack is loaded for heavy-duty stuff like drills, hiking, trekking, camping, riding, etc. You can manage your trips for 3 days without any problem if you buy any of the military backpacks.

Price Range

The price range may vary from one product to another. As different backpack with different price gives you the margin of variety. It depends on the comfort, space, and quality. 

We suggest you look through the list. All the mentioned backpack are top-rated among the customers and ratings.

Military Tactical Backpack

A tactical backpack is more often used in adventure trips like camping, trekking, hiking, hunting, etc. Military tactical backpack admittedly has some speciality which normal backpacks certainly don’t have.

We are talking about the superior quality, exceptional strength which naturally comes with toughness and compatibility. These are key factors which stand out making a tactical backpack unique in all ways from the normal backpack.

Hydration bladder for Backpack

The hydration bladder is a renewable water resource for people who typically do heroic adventures. 

These hydration bladders are made up of rubber and durable plastic. It comes in a different capacity.

Hydration bladders are commonly used by the military as they have to survive in lands where the drinkable water doesn’t seem to exist.

Bikers and experienced riders conveniently carry this as they move from one place to another and refill it when they get the chance. 

After using keeping it clean from germs is necessary. We suggest you buy a cleaning kit along with a hydration bladder.

MOLLE for Military Backpack

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. There are many various types of MOLLE attachment to a military tactical backpack. 

These listed backpacks support MOLLE attachment if you require excess space to include.

They can be utilized to hold the flashlight, Ammo, Knifes, tool kit, etc. This is most commonly used by the military when they are on missions but it is now becoming standard amongst the riders, campers, hikers, trekkers, and climbers. 

They use it to add extra storage space. You can add admin pouch, bottle holder, phone holder, etc.

#1 Mardingtop Internal Frame Tactical Military Backpacks

Mardingtop’s Tactical Military Backpack has a capacity of 60L. It is Water-resistant and has YKK Zipper and YKK Buckle.

The pockets in it can hold flashlight, gloves, ropes, water bottle and other needed item of your need. Other tactical pouches or camping gears also can be attached to the MOLLE


This backpack includes hydration compartment which can hold a 3 Liter hydration bladder or a 15.6″ laptop.


There’s zipper divider inside the pack that can separate the main compartment from sleeping compartment. Plus it comes with a Rain Cover.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size – 13.0 x 9.4 x 29.9 inches
  • Liters  50/60L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Front & Side  
  • Best for –  Hiking, Climbing, Camping, Trekking, & Traveling.

#2 5.11 Tactical RUSH12 Military Backpack

5.11 RUSH12 features 16 individual compartments, main storage area and Hydration pocket. It has a adjustable height sternum strap and two external compression straps with contoured yoke shoulder strap. It is a water-resistant backpack and self-repairing YKK zippers.
This military pack features wrap-around MOLLE/5.11 Slick Stick web platform, Internal multi-slot admin compartment and zippered fleece-lined eye wear pocket. This backpack has hook and loop name tape and flag patches and glove-friendly pull tabs. This assault pack is ready for all of your gear and equipment needed for your adventure. It has 4.7 rating from 1100+ customers. You can find it on Amazon here.

  • Fabric –  Nylon
  • Size – 6.5 x 18 x 11 inches
  • Liters  24L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Front & Right Side  
  • Best for –  Range bag, Hunting backpack, Survival backpack, Hiking rucksack, Rescue and Adventure backpack or everyday outdoor backpack 

#3 CS Force Molle Tactical Military Backpack

CS Force Backpack has the largest main compartment which is great to hold your needed equipment. The big zippered compartment can fit most hydration bladder.

Two zippered mesh compartment produces extra storage space. It can be equipped with tool slots, which can be used for storage stationery, flashlight, multi-tool, etc.

Two adjustable straps on the bottom, perfect for hanging your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping met hammock or other gears. The Molle webbing is designed to be used in combination with other equipment, you can load pockets, water bottle bag, accessory kits and others.


Two elastic straps can hang overcoat, sleeping bag, sleeping met or other things you need at any time.

  • Fabric –  Nylon 
  • Size – 17.3 x 9.84 x 9.06 inches 
  • Liters  40L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Enough Pockets  
  • Best for –  Camping, Hiking, Travel, Fishing, Trekking , Mountaineering, also suitable for daily use, such as school, shopping etc.

#4 Explorer U.S. Military Level 3 Tactical Backpack

The Explorer Backpack has a Military Style MOLLE pack look and builds suitable for men and women. 

It is durable and comes with double stitched edges and the best duraflex stealth buckles available. It has a total of seven compartments.

It comes with gear straps to secure gears and two extra mesh pockets. One Compartment for hydration systems. Individual foam pad back panel for extra comfort and maximum airflow. 

It has a hidden plate carrier at back section. The uses for this military MOLLE backpack are only limited by your imagination.

  • Fabric –  Nylon 
  • Size – 11.5 x 11 x 20 inches
  • Liters  40L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Lots of Pockets  
  • Best for –  Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Hunting, 3 Day Assault Pack, Bug Out, Travel, School or College, Sport & Workout.

#5 Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack is durable, ergonomic, and intelligently designed. It comes with 5 different variants. This medium-bodied pack is thoroughly water & abrasion-resistant

External PALS Webbing for attachments Internal Pockets and loop fields for customization. It has padded shoulder straps and sturdy sternum & waist support make it an absolute delight to wear.

The backpack has layered independent compartments with more pockets. Pull the dual-directional YKK zippers and expand the main compartment into a full clamshell opening. 

It is surprisingly spacious with room to accommodate your camping essentials and Hydration Bladder(3L).

  • Fabric –  Nylon 
  • Size – 10 x 8.5 x 19 inches
  • Liters  40L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Lots of Pockets  
  • Best for –  Camping, Hiking, Travel, Fishing, Trekking , Mountaineering, also suitable for daily use, such as school, shopping etc.

#6 5.11 RUSH24 Military Backpack

5.11 RUSH24 attribute a roomy main storage area, dual zipping side pockets and a stuff-it pocket with integrated drawcord and glove-friendly pull tabs. 

This backpack also features a reinforced grab-and-go handle, hydration pocket, zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket and wrap-around. MOLLE/SlickStick web platform has Twin drainage grommets and self-repairing YKK zippers.

Also has three mesh admin compartments, zippered side water bottle pocket and a hook and loop area for nametape and flag patches. 

Water-repellent coating and has two external compression straps and a contoured yoke shoulder strap system. The Rush24 tactical military backpack can be used as a multipurpose pack.

  • Fabric –  Nylon 
  • Size – 7 x 20 x 12 inches
  • Liters  37L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Enough Pockets  
  • Best for –  Range bag, Hunting, Survival, Patrol, Hiking rucksack, Rescue and Adventure or everyday outdoor backpack.

#7 REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack is made of high-density fabric-durable. It is water-resistant. This backpack has a molle system, Molle webbing throughout for attaching additional tactical pouches or gear as 3-day assault pack backpack combat molle backpack.

Assault pack backpack with double-stitched, Heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pull, Side and front load compression system, Ventilated mesh padded back area & shoulder strap, breathable and comfortable. 

REEBOW GEAR backpack has hydration compatible that works great for a hydration bladder as a hydration backpack or outdoor camping hiking backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size – 13 x 20 x 11 inches
  • Liters  40L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Lots of Pockets  
  • Best for –  3 day assault, Range bag, Hunting, Survival, Army, Trekking or day pack for daily use.

#8 CONDOR 3 Military Backpack

Condor 3 is heavy-duty constructed backpack it features body contour shoulder straps with integrated D-rings.

Sternum strap and waist belt enhance comfort and support. It has large cargo capacity can also store 2x 3L hydration bladders in a separate pocket.

The main compartment includes quick-release gear retention straps with zipper closure mesh pockets. It has a large rear space with an elastic closure and zipper closure space in the bottom.

Includes extra pockets on each side for hydration systems and extras. Individual rear foam pad optimizes comfort and airflow.

  • Fabric –  Nylon
  • Size – 11 x 17 x 22 inches
  • Liters  50L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – 7 Pockets  
  • Best for –  3 day assault, Range bag, Hunting, Survival, Army, Trekking or day pack for daily use.

#9 Orca Tactical Backpack

Orca Tactical Backpack contains massive storage in a small package is what this authentic elite carrier system is all about and this pack has room for all of your essential gear

The ORCA tactical assault backpack is reinforced and double stitched at all stress points. The closures are secured by high-quality YKK zippers. It is rust-resistant and tough with special coating makes it both water-resistant and scratch proof.

Molle backpack webbing system on front and sides ensures you can add tactical MOLLE gear and pouches as needed for any mission. Side compression straps ensure your load is secure. 

The assault-style pack sports double stitched, padded shoulder straps and back area with mesh backing for comfort, ventilation, and strength during travel. The waist strap ends are folded and sewn over to keep from sliding through the buckles.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size – 21 x 17 x 2 inches
  • Liters  40L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – 7 Pockets  
  • Best for –  3 day assault, Range bag, Hunting, Survival, Army, Trekking or day pack for daily use.

#10 5.11 RUSH72 Tactical Military Backpack

5.11 RUSH72 military backpack features bug out bag design, built from high strength, water-repellent rucksack. 

This backpack has Dual-zippered front and main compartments with glove-friendly moulded grip pull.

This heavy-duty large military backpack features a front pocket, main compartment, hydration pocket, left and right side pockets.

Adjustable dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps and waist strap and dual compression straps keeping your rucksack pack secure and comfortable.

  • Fabric –  Nylon
  • Size – 13.5 x 8.5 x 23 inches
  • Liters  55L
  • Hydration Compatible – Yes
  • Pockets – Enough Pockets  
  • Best for –  Range bag, Hunting, Survival, Army, Trekking or day pack for daily use.


Picking best military backpack was not an easy task as we have to consider many things before finalizing a few bags. We highly suggest you look and examine every detail we have provided and pick which suits you better.

If you’re still struggling to choose what’s best for you well, these are our pick for the best military backpack. As these will properly match your expectations and needs for you to set on a new adventure trip and make some awesome memories.