Review of best diaper backpacks [Buyers Guide]: Top 10 bags for parents

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Best Diaper Backpack

Looking after your baby and carrying needed things during travel is very important. To make your trip and your parenting easy. 

We listed down some of the best diaper backpacks for mom, dad, and the baby.

The listed backpack comes with multiple features, which will blow you away. They come with all the essential things required. 

They have Changing pad, insulated pocket to keep it warm/cold, stroller straps and lots and lots of storage.

These are the Best Diaper Backpack in 2019

Product Brand Fabric Price

Itzy Ritzy
Skip Hop
Skip Hop

Buyers Guide: Buying Best Diaper Backpack

To purchase the best diaper backpack you should need to remember some key factors that make a diaper backpack worthy of buying.


Diaper backpacks are mostly made up of material like polyester which is water-resistance and partly waterproof.

Parents who carry a backpack containing babies or kids belongings should be extra cautious about the material they choose.

Going for waterproof material is safe as it will keep babies things safe inside the backpack.

Size & Appearance

There are a lot of stylish diaper backpacks available in the market. As for the size, it depends. Nowadays there are a lot of extra things a diaper backpack can hold.

It depends on how much of babies stuff you want to carry. Things like diapers, bottle, medicines, extra clothing, etc.

Additional Features

Additional features in the backpack are something everyone likes. In the diaper backpack, there are things which are pretty useful and come handy at times.


These features are enjoyed only by parents. Diaper backpacks include, stroller straps, changing pad, diaper bag, insulated pockets, sundry bag, bottle pouch, wipe pockets, and wet/dry bag.

Compatibility & Comfort

Well to provide comfort diaper backpacks provide all necessary things with a parent’s needs. Padded back, padded shoulder straps, stroller straps to attach on to Baby Stroller Travel Systems.

These things make it compatible to carry them on any suitable trip with your family. Carrying all the need things for your baby and having fun with them is a different kind of experience.

Storage Compartment

Diaper backpacks provide so much amount of storage compartment. You can max out all the baby things in it if you want. 

Parents expect these kinds of storage space when they buy a diaper backpack.

There are a lot of small storage compartments which makes it easy to store small things like water bottle, milk bottle, toys, etc. 

Some backpack manufacturers like Bably Baby & Bag Nation provide separate storage pouches and boxes to store things.

Price Range

The price range of diaper backpack is affordable. We listed our picks. These are top-rated diaper backpack among the customers. 

There are bags in all price range. You can check it out and pick according to your need.

What are stroller straps and how to use stroller straps?

Stroller straps are straps which are attachable to Baby Stroller Travel System. As they come handy in situations like changing a diaper, if the bag is too heavy you can attach it to baby stroller travel system.

You can see in the video on how to use it. There are many other ways you can utilize it according to your comfort.

Babies Changing pad

A changing pad is an added feature in the diaper bags. It is basically a thick piece of soft material. It comes handy while changing a diaper.

It acts as a pad where you can lay your baby and change their diaper without using any external mat or baby pads. The main purpose of changing pad is to limit additional add-on and give parents an easy time.

Sundry bag for babies

Sundry bags is an extra bag which almost all manufacturers provide with the changing bag for free. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

You can use it separably to carry necessary things for a while or use it with the changing bag. It is used to store all kind of small item and organize it well.

Baby Diaper Backpack

Going on trips with a baby is one of the most challenging parts. You need to get hold of all essential things for the baby from the food items to diapers.

We have collected some super amazing baby diaper backpack for parents to make their trip insanely easy. 

This baby backpack has a diaper changing pad, so you don’t have to worry about putting your baby down while changing diapers.

Diaper Bag Set

We got you covered with diaper bag set. The backpack, we listed below are having an extra setting to them like diaper changing pad, stroller straps, and so on.

This bag set also contains storage space. They can be used to store things as needed. You can carry your belongings too in them as they are spacious enough for twins too.

Diaper backpack for Mom & Dad

As a parent, it is required you to carry your travel items with you. If you are taking a diaper bag which only fits enough things for your baby, then we recommend you to change it. 

The backpack which is listed below has enough space for your tablet or laptop if you want to work when you are not travelling.

They even have space to store extra pieces of equipment like camera gears, portable charger, etc. 

Our point is that you should enjoy your time with your family, making sure you have all the needed thing during a trip.

#1 Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Bag Nation’s Diaper bag backpack reliably holds all your essential items for baby care (like diapers, food, and extra clothing) – all while freeing up both of your hands.

You can even strap it to your stroller. It is waterproof to keep all items dry. This backpack has 4.7 rating form, 3000+ customers. Editor’s best diaper backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size – 17 x 14 x 7.5 inches
  • Straps – Thick padded shoulder straps
  • ExtraChanging Pad, Sundry Bag & Stroller straps
  • Pockets – 14 pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#2 Gadikat Diaper Bag

Gadikat Diaper Bag is both super functional and hands-free, this structured backpack with its trendy design has a secret identity. 

The large storage space makes carrying baby’s essentials a cinch and with a variety of pockets. 

It has one pocket which is insulated for bottles to stay warm or cold.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size – 17.3 x 13.2 x 3 inches
  • Straps – Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • ExtraChanging Pad & Stroller straps
  • Pockets – 14 pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#3 Bagitalist Baby Backpack

Bagitalist Baby Backpack is made with Comfortable Padded Shoulder Straps while carrying your baby and a Back Panel with an airflow design.

It keeps your back ventilated allowing the heat to escape from your shoulders and back.

This sturdy shape diaper bag makes it stand by itself anytime. Waterproof resistant making it a more reliable backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size – 15.5 x 12.5 x 6 inches
  • Straps – Padded shoulder straps
  • ExtraChanging Pad,Wet bag, Dry Bag, & Stroller straps 
  • Pockets – 16 pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#4 HSD Diaper Bag Backpack

HSD’s tactical Diaper Bag Backpack for dad is the best thing you can find in this list. It got a ridiculous amount of storage space. 

Breathable air mesh foam back padding with airflow channel design.
It is waterproof and it keeps everything clean and dry. 

You can easily carry items for 2 kids in this backpack. 4.8 rating from 600+ customers. Editor’s choice for best diaper tactical backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size – 18 x 7 x 11.5 inches
  • Straps – Contoured shoulder straps
  • ExtraChanging Pad, Insulated Pockets, Stroller Straps and Wipe Pocket 
  • Pockets – Enough pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#5 Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack

Itzy Ritzy’s diaper backpack is perfect for the outgoing parent. internal pockets and external pockets, including two that are insulated to keep bottles hot or cold. 

The front-facing zipper to the main compartment is easy to open, allowing quick access. It has rubber feet keep the bottom of the bag clean by preventing the bag itself from touching the ground. 

You can carry the bag by the built-in handle or wear as a traditional backpack with our comfortable straps. 4.7 rating from 600+ customers. Editor’s choice for best diaper leather backpack.

  • Fabric –  Leather
  • Size10.5 x 7 x 18 inches
  • Straps – Comfortable shoulder straps
  • ExtraBottle Pockets, Changing Pad, & Stroller Clips
  • Pockets – 17 pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#6 Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag Backpack

Lekebaby’s large diaper backpack is big enough to fit the essentials for baby and mom, loads of pockets to organise everything. 

It can be used to carry things for children of all ages, It’s especially great if you have twins.

Besides, it doesn’t look very bulky at all as wear. There are two built-in clips on shoulder straps for the stroller or grocery cart as your family travel or just go shopping.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size11.4 x 6.5 x 18 inches
  • Straps – Comfortable & Padded shoulder straps
  • ExtraSide wipes dispenser, 3 insulated pockets, diaper changing pad, & Stroller straps 
  • Pockets – 18 pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#7 Skip Hop Chelsea Chic Diaper Backpack

Skip Hop’s Diaper Backpack has expandable drawstring opening and adjustable straps and a convenient top handle. It has two insulated bottle pockets and a zippered flap pocket.

Adding to it metal hardware and faux leather details and has lightweight durable fabric. Includes cushioned changing pad.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size12 x 8 x 16 inches
  • Straps – Comfortable & Adjustable straps and a convenient top handle
  • ExtraCushioned changing pad
  • PocketsEnough pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#8 DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

DadGear’s Diaper Bag has the extra-large capacity and 13 specially-designed organization compartments. It is highly dependable carry-all from newborn through toddler.

It has features like the Diaper Hammock, Quick Access Wipes Window, and more than a dozen compartments to help you stay super organized. It has 4.6 ratings from 400+ customers. Editor’s choice for best dad’s diaper backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size10 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Straps – Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • ExtraChanging pad & stroller straps
  • PocketsEnough pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#9 Bably Baby Large Capacity Diaper Bag Backpack

Bably Baby’s backpack allows you to carry all of your essentials while having both hands free. padding on the back and shoulder straps to make sure this is super comfortable to wear. 

Built-in stroller straps can hook onto any stroller.It works great for both boys and girls or even twins. 

It is made with a waterproof exterior and interior fabric. It has 4.6 ratings from 100+ customers. Editor’s choice for best large capacity diaper backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size10 x 16 x 17.5 inches
  • Straps – Padded shoulder straps
  • ExtraTwo Packing Cubes, Wet/Dry Bag, Changing Pad & Stroller Straps
  • Pockets14 pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.

#10 Skip Hop Forma Diaper Backpack

Skip Hop’s Forma Diaper Backpack is lightweight, offers hands-free convenience. Everything stays in reach with elasticized interior pockets and insulated side bottle pockets.

The changing pad pocket performs double-duty, acting as a laptop holder when travelling. With the Forma backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size16 x 8 x 14 inches
  • Straps – Cushioned shoulder straps
  • ExtraChanging pad & stroller straps
  • PocketsEnough pockets 
  • Best for –  Carrying Diapers, clothes, and needed things for babies.


Making it to the conclusion we ended off with some amazing best diaper backpacks. All of the above are high quality, super spacious, and comfortable to carry for the trip.

Our highly recommended from the best diaper backpack are: