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Best Business Travel Backpack

When it comes to business travel trips we tend to panic more on what we want to carry with us. The struggle gets real while we pack everything in a backpack. Well there are two kind one is carry-on and another one is a backpack.

Carry-ons are good for big vacation trips where you have to carry a large number of things. Whereas backpacks are pretty good for short travels like a business trip where you need some essential things like a laptop, a few clothes some accessories etc which you can access easily and carry with you all the time.

We did our research to find out which backpack is best, longlasting, and durable for your future trips to come.

Note the listed backpacks are well suited for short travel trips maximum 3-4 days.

Overview of Backpacks

Product Brand Fabric Price
Hynes Eagle
High Sierra

Why you need a travel backpack?

Why you need a travel backpack and why not a normal backpack?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, the travel backpack gives you some features which normal backpack does not provide. Travel backpack can be used as a hybrid backpack. Both for normal day backpack and travel purpose as well. A normal backpack is not suited for travel purpose.

Use of business travel backpack

  • You can pass airport security with ease as they are TSA approved.
  • It can fit under the aeroplane seat or head compartment.
  • You can carry with you everywhere without any worry.
  • Easy accessibility compared to carry-ons during travel.
  • Well built quality to ensure items are safe inside.
  • Things can be well organized.
  • Travel backpack can be used as a normal day-to-day backpack.
  • The luggage handle strap is useful to make it stand on the luggage. 

What business travel backpack offers you?

Business travel backpack offers special characteristics which come handy while travelling. Backpack manufacturers have looked deep and designed travel backpack just for that purpose.

Build quality

Travel backpacks are made of sturdy and durable material which can handle all the tension applied to them. During travel, backpacks are often thrown. To ensure the quality materials like nylon and polyester are used. They also provide water-resistance to the backpack.

TSA feature

One of the big trouble a person faces during travel is airport security. Backpack manufacturers have designed and built 180-degree opening which allows you to easily pass through the checking process without any trouble.

Organize stuff

Travel backpacks are best when it comes to having many pockets. Travel backpack mostly has 1 primary space and 2 secondary space while other areas are fully occupied by zipper pockets where you can organize your stuff efficiently.

Comfortable and safe design

Travel backpacks have an ergonomic design to allow airflow and provide utmost comfort. The back and shoulder straps are well padded. Travel backpack also has padded laptop compartments to give extra protection to the laptop.

USB port

USB charging port comes very handy when you need to charge your electronic device. Most backpacks have included a USB port due to its efficiency. During travel, this can save your life when your battery is about to die and you don’t find a charging socket.

Business travel backpack for Laptop

Professional business backpacks offer some features one of them is a secure and well-padded laptop compartment. The compartment size can vary based on the size of the backpack.

This is the feature many people consider while buying a travel backpack. Normal backpacks will have sufficient space but not a separate compartment for laptop.

Carry-on travel backpack

Carry-on is not only for luggage. It also comes for backpacks as well. To be more precise few backpacks come with the carry-on feature as well. Many people find carry-on strap as an odd placement while others love to have it.

Carrying the backpack as a suitcase sure makes it look cool. If your shoulders hurt you can use the carry-on strap to hold it with your hand. This surely gives some relief to your shoulder when you have a heavy stuffed backpack.

TSA approved travel backpack

This is one of the issues every travelling person comes across. Having to pass through airport security. When it comes to backpack it is a different case. No one likes to open the backpack and scan everything to pass through security. Everyone wants to make it quick and simple.

That is were TSA approved backpacks come into play. Backpack manufacturers found the issue and designed a unique model which open 180-degree which easily passes through the airport security without you having to remove anything from it. Making the trip easy.

#1 Mancro Durable Business Backpack

Mancro durable business backpack has it all. It has a neat and clean look. Mancro backpack is made of durable nylon fabric. The durable material makes it suitable for all kinds of use. It also provides water-resistant quality to the backpack.

The backpack is very spacious and has well-divided compartments. It has space for all of your belongings. In fact, it can fit a 17-inch laptop with ease. The pockets make it more easy to store all of your small stuff inside them making it look more organized.

Mancro backpack has some additional features which make it more efficient. The USB charging port on the side comes handy when you need to charge your devices. The shoulder straps are well padded making it a lightweight and easy way to carry on for a long time. To make sure your thing are safe they have added anti-theft combination lock to the durable metal zippers to make it more secure.

  • Fabric Nylon
  • Size 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 inches
  • TSA friendly – Yes
  • Pockets   Multiple pockets
  • Best for Professional office work, Business travel, outdoor activities, High school students and College students.

#2 YOREPEK Extra Large Business Backpack

The base material of Yorepek backpack is made of polyester fabric with high-density nylon lining. This makes the backpack water-resistant and tear-resistant. They are available in 17-inch and 18-inch with 5 different colour combinations.

The backpack is pretty spacious. It has a separate padded compartment for your laptop. The maximum size of the laptop it can hold is 17-inch. The pockets present in front and sides surely makes our life easier. You can use it to store things like notebooks, accessories, wallet, keys, earphones, etc. The side elastic net pockets can hold travel gear umbrellas or water bottles.

Yorepek backpack also has a USB charging port to charge your devices. It is TSA approved and it can open up to 180 degree which is best for airport travelling. The ergonomic design makes it easy to carry. Multi-panel airflow design offers extra back support and comfort. The shoulder straps are well-padded with mesh breathable fabric making it easy to carry around.

  • Fabric Polyester
  • Size 14.4 x 11 x 4.5 inches
  • TSA friendly – Yes
  • Pockets   Multiple pockets on front & side
  • Best for Business trip, school & college, and can use as everyday backpack.

#3 eBag Professional Slim Business Backpack

eBags professional backpack is made of nylon which makes the bag water resistance. It has a business class look and feel. The backpack is pretty intact and well built. The padding at the back makes it a lot easier to carry. Apart from that you also get a pass-through sleeve for rolling luggage.

The zipper are of good quality. The backpack has 6 compartments in total. You can keep your tablet like iPad and laptop in the primary compartment as they are well padded.

To hold water bottle there is a mesh pocket included on the side. On the front side of the backpack, you get a lot of small mesh pockets to hold all of your small stuff. If you are looking for the best business backpack, ebag professional slim backpack is the one.

  • Fabric Nylon
  • Size 17.5 x 12.25 x 1.5 inches
  • TSA friendly – Yes
  • Pockets   Front, and sides
  • Best for  Business trip, high school students and College students.

#4 Hynes Eagle Weekender Business Backpack

Hynes eagle weekender backpack is built of 600D polyester material and polyester linings. It is pretty conventional with 38L capacity. Which is more than enough to use as a travel or business backpack.

It’s pretty convenient to carry as it has one top handle and one side handle to hold it as a carry on backpack. It is divided into 2 small storage space and 1 big compartment. Where you can hold all of your belongings. fit in the overhead compartment as well as the under-seat storage in flights.

As an addition, there are 3 extra packing cubes. Which fit inside the bag perfectly. You can use them to organize your stuff efficiently without making a mess.

  • Fabric Polyester
  • Size 13 x 7.9 x 19.7 inches
  • TSA friendly – Yes
  • Pockets   2 front pockets, and multiple inner pockets
  • Best for Business trip and travel purpose.

#5 SwissGear Comfort Business Backpack

SwissGear comfort backpack is made of 1200D ballistic polyester which makes it much pretty strong, durable, and water-resistance. It is TSA approved and it opens in 180-degree angle for fast scanning at airport security.

It has 2 front pocket and 2 primary compartments. Mesh pocket is present on both sides in case if you want to keep your water bottle. You can also use 2 side pockets to store things for easy access.

The shoulder straps are made with mesh fabric allow easy carrying. Padded back panel with airflow ventilation for added support and comfort. The laptop compartment is well padded and can hold a 17-inch laptop.

  • Fabric Polyester
  • Size 18.5 x 13 x 9 inches
  • TSA friendlyYes
  • Pockets   Front, side, and inner pockets
  • Best for Business, travel and day to day use.

#6 YOREPEK Large Travel & Business Backpack

Yorepek large backpack is made of durable and water repellent polyester fabric. It can hold up to 45L making it perfect fit for a travel and business backpack. It is TSA friendly and it opens in 90-180 degree angle to quickly go through the airport security and keep other gears organized.

This backpack packs in 3 primary compartments, 2 zipper pockets, and 1 front pocket. The main compartment is padded enough to hold your laptop and other belongings. The zipper are pretty durable and strong.

In this backpack, you get a USB port to charge your devices. As the charging bank is not included with the package. The airflow backing system and adjustable padded shoulder straps keep you comfortable even with a fully loaded pack.

  • Fabric  Polyester
  • Size 19.5 x 10.4 x 15 inches
  • TSA friendly – Yes
  • Pockets   Front, side, & inner pockets
  • Best for Travel & Business, hiking, camping, also a perfect school bag/college.

#7 KAKA Multipurpose Travel & Business Backpack

Kaka multipurpose backpack is built with terylene oxford fabric making it durable, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant. The material is of high quality and unique compared to other backpacks.

This backpack can fit anything, literally anything. It can hold up to 40L in total. It has tons of pockets on front and sides to keep your things organized. You can use it as a shoulder bag, backpack, or as a duffle bag making it multipurpose.

It can fit in 17-inch laptop and tablet in it. Apart from using it for a business journey, you can use it for outdoor trips like hiking, trekking or camping. A lock is also provided to keep it more secure.

  • Fabric Terylene
  • Size 21.6 x 12.6 x 9 inches
  • TSA friendly – Yes
  • Pockets   Multiple pockets
  • Best for  Business and travel trips, and can be used for outdoor purpose.

#8 eBags Convertible Travel & Business Backpack

ebag convertible backpack is made of 900D polyester making it water-resistance. The backpack comes with many pockets in the front, side and at the back. Making it easy to organize things. It can be carried as a duffle bag or shoulder bag where the shoulder straps are included with the backpack.

The main compartment can be divided into two making it more spacious to arrange your belongings. We recommend you using packing cubes to make it more organized. The laptop compartment is well padded and can be held safe.

This backpack is best in term of organizing as it has lots of pockets and space. It has some unique features which most of the backpack doesn’t have. The quality of the bag can be improved.

  • Fabric Polyester
  • Size 9 x 22 x 14 inches
  • TSA friendly Yes
  • Pockets Front and inner pockets
  • Best for  Business and travel trips.

#9 Oscaurt Lightweight Travel & Business Backpack

Oscaurt lightweight backpack has a modern and futuristic design. The base material of the backpack is made of polyester. The anti-theft design of the backpack makes it unique. The zipper of the main compartment is fully hidden at the back of the backpack.

This backpack has 180°adjustable main compartment allowing it to pass through airport security without causing an issue. The laptop compartment comes elastic band design to keep it safe. EVA back material will protect your back and your laptop. Padded and adjustable shoulder straps provide light-weight carrying.

As additional it has a USB charging port to charge your electronic devices. It also has the water-resistance capability. The reflective stripe on the front allows you to spot the bag at night.

  • Fabric EVA
  • Size 11 x 5 x 17 inches
  • TSA friendly Yes
  • Pockets   Front and inner pockets
  • Best for  Business & travel, outdoor activities, High school students and College students.

#10 High Sierra Travel & Business Backpack

High sierra travel backpack comes in different colour options. This backpack is made of polyethylene which makes it water-resistance. The backpack can hold up to 36L in common. The large main compartment comes with laptop and tablet sleeve.

The laptop compartment is fully padded with cushion to hold a 17-inch laptop. The main design also allows you to keep your other important stuff organized. The dual access to the digital gear makes getting to them easy without disturbing other contents.

The pocket in front and side can be occupied to keep some small things. Padded backpack panel and padded shoulder straps allow you to carry the backpack without any hassle.

  • Fabric Polyethylene
  • Size 19 x 7.8 x 13 inches
  • TSA friendly – Yes
  • Pockets   Front, side, & inner pockets
  • Best for  Travel & Business, hiking, camping, also a perfect school bag/college.


Choosing the best travel backpack can make your trip pleasurable. Well, we have listed our top 10 based on some features like best for budget, quality, durability, and design.

The listed backpacks are top-rated backpacks in travel categories. We suggest you go through them and choose what is best for you.

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