10 best Wheeled backpack for travel [Buyers Guide]: Carry-on & day-backpack

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Best Wheeled Backpack for Travel

Travel has become more manageable with wheels. We have collected the best-wheeled backpack for travel to make your trip comfortable.

Well, we all know pulling is better than carrying.

Carrying a backpack with all those heavy stuff on your back is only going to cause you shoulder pain. 

So to avoid that we have listed down best-wheeled bag based on the customer’s reviews to make your travel comfortable, relaxed and affordable.

These Are The Best Wheeled Backpacks for Travel in 2019

Product Brand Fabric Price

High Sierra



Crinkle Nylon

High Sierra
Duralite / Ballistic




High Sierra
Duralite / Ripstop

Buyers Guide: Buying best wheeled backpack for travel

Before you buy a wheeled backpack for travelling, you should know these following things to pick the best-wheeled backpack for travel. 

We have listed our choice, but still, we want our readers to grasp that knowledge and make use of it in future.

We will cover from the outer portion of the backpack to the inner portion. Make sure you check these things before buying one.

Durable Material

There are countable numbers of materials which are used to build a backpack. Fabric-like Nylon, Leather, Polyester, Ripstone, Canvas etc builds a durable quality and sturdy structure for the backpack. 

Wheeled backpack will constantly be moved around because of easy access. In that case, you have to make sure the built material is durable and consistent.

Size & Appearance

Wheeled backpack size may vary from small to large and even extra-large. You have to pick according to your need. Care for the appearance is not that important.

We suggest you go with max capacity possible because you are just going to drag the backpack around with you. So it’s pretty convenient in that way.

Wheels & Zippers

Well if we are talking about wheeled backpack there is no way we could miss out on wheels. As you are going to drag that Wheeled backpack during travel. Having rubber wheels provide you with that comforting push and pull. It won’t break that soon and will be useful in the long run.

The zipper is one of the important things to be taken into account while buying backpacks. Zippers should be well stitched and durable enough to withstand the opening and closing. Some backpack provides a lockable zipper option and gives extra protection. 

Compatibility & Comfort

All Wheeled backpack provides a different kind of compatibility in using and carrying around. Customers expect that compatible functionality to make their trip easy. 

Believe it or not, compatibility comes with comfort. Shoulder strap falls under the category of comfort. It should be well-padded and soft so that it doesn’t cause you distress while carrying it.

Storage Compartment

A backpack is all about that vivid storage space. The basic need of backpack is to store all the needed belongings in a single space. But backpack has many divided and different compartments of storage area.

Storage space for a water bottle which is wrapped in a mesh padded pouch should be noted. Space for laptop and tablet. Small storage compartment for carrying your accessories. Every little space is needed when you are on a trip, make select according to your need.

Price Range

The products price range may vary accordingly so do the quality of the product. Some cheaply priced backpack will only last few days or a few weeks and the chance of guarantee is very less.

Whereas the medium or high priced product always turns out as an investment in the long run if you can afford. These provide a guarantee for a maximum of 3 years depending on the brand and the seller.

Wheeled Laptop Backpacks

A laptop is must if you are going on a business trip. We have covered it for you on listing wheeled backpack which has space for laptop and tablet.

The listed wheeled backpack for travel is waterproof resistance and spacious enough to fit other things as well. They are made of high-quality materials to withstand the roughness.

Small, Large, & Extra large Wheeled Backpack

The wheeled backpack comes with various variants and different sizes matching your desire need. We did our research and chose the best-wheeled bag for travel based on their volume of small, large & extra large.


The wheeled backpack is in the litre (L) size, so we suggest you pick accordingly to your need. Consider the size of your bag and your laptop as the inches may vary.

Best Wheeled Backpack for Kids

If you are looking for a wheeled backpack for your little one, then consider our picks. These are for school kids as they carry a heavy bag on their back, so we decided to add wheeled backpack.


Whenever they have a heavy backpack to carry, they can switch to wheels and drag that along to avoid the struggle. Parents also consider lightweight wheeled bag for their kids. We also kept that in mind regarding the kids.

#1 High Sierra Unisex Powerglide Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra is a unisex Power-glide backpack with wheels to easily drag that around. It has a large multi-compartment design to help you fit things according to your need. It can carry a laptop with ease. It has has a comfortable padded design. It is not waterproof.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size21.3 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches
  • Straps“S” shape padded shoulder straps
  • PocketsMultiple pockets / Side zipper pockets
  • Perfect for travel and can be used as Everyday backpack
  • Massive storage space
  • Well organized compartments to store your accessories
  • Water Resistance to keep your belongings safe
  • Issues with quality and wheels
  • Gets super heavy when fully loaded

#2 JanSport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack

JanSport Driver 8 Wheeled backpack is best for both travel and school purpose. It has a good fabric to back it up and it has a lot of organized storage space for many things. 

It has tucked away shoulder straps. It is not completely waterproof. JanSport is one of the oldest brands and they are still kicking.

  • Fabric –  Nylon
  • Size21 x 14 x 10 inches
  • StrapsTuck away padded shoulder straps
  • PocketsInner / Outer Pockets
  • Wide variety of variants available
  •  Lifetime warranty available for this product
  •  Best for both travel and normal trips
  •  Durable and suitable for heavy use
  • Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof
  • Handle and quality doesn’t seem to impress

#3 Tilami Antifouling Wheeled Backpack and Lunch Bag

Tilami’s anti-fouling wheeled backpack and a matching lunch bag for your kid. This is only for kids. We researched and found that kids are loving this combo.

It is comfortable, looks cool and comes with many variants you can choose from. It has a smooth zipper and is water resistance. Editor’s choice for the best-wheeled backpack for kids.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size7 x 13.7 x 18.8 inches
  • StrapsPadded shoulder Straps
  • Pockets Inner, outer and side pockets
  • Perfect for School students
  • Comes with cute small lunch bag
  • Amount of compartments is amazing
  • Durability and spacious
  • Straps are not well made
  • No padding for laptop/tablet compartment
  • Thin material

#4 Samsonite Wheeled Backpack

Samsonite wheeled backpack has a rip-stone fabric which is resistant to toughness. It has an ice-pick pull handle. It is water repellent. It has a headphone jack inserted. Pretty organized pockets. You can fit a 17-inch laptop easily.

  • Fabric –  Ripstop
  • Size – 8 x 14 x 21 inches
  • StrapsContoured with extra padding shoulder straps
  • PocketsSmall pockets
  • Build quality seems good
  • Pretty spacious to store stuff
  • Rollers are well made to drag
  • Handel is not durable
  • Side pockets rip off pretty easily

#5 Kipling Sanaa Wheeled Backpack

Kipling’s Sanaa wheeled backpack is made with crinkle nylon and comes with full water resistance. They added a little monkey key chain along with the backpack. It looks good and comes with different variants of choice.

  • Fabric –  Crinkle Nylon
  • Size – 12.5 x 18.5 x 10.8 inches
  • StrapsOutfitted with adjustable padded straps
  • Pockets Inner pockets / 2 Side pockets
  • Different options to choose from
  • It’s durable and Water-resistance
  • Telescoping handle makes it easy to use
  • Comes with a cute monkey keychain
  • Laptop sleeve not available inside
  • High price compared to other wheeled backpack products
  • Padding is not provided in the back

#6 High Sierra AT3 Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra AT3 is 2 in 1 convertible wheeled backpack. The medium backpack is attached or can be removed if needed. It acts as both carry on and backpack. It is total water resistance and made with durability and ballistic quality material.

This is pretty spacious and comfortable to carry. Editor’s choice for best 2 in 1 wheeled backpack for travel.

  • Fabric –  Ballistic
  • Size – 7.1 x 14.4 x 22.8 inches
  • StrapsPadded contoured non-slip shoulder straps
  • Pockets Inner pockets / Side pockets
  • Durable and well builtin size and design
  • Can be used as a 3-way backpack
  • Removable day pack
  • Highly spacious compartment
  • Well padded backpack
  • Super heavy if you combine and carry
  • Pretty big when compared in size
  • Only best suited for travel purpose

#7 HollyHOME Multifunction Wheeled Rolling Backpack

HollyHOME is a multi-functional and durable wheeled backpack is best suited for business travel, school, and college students. It also looks trendy and stylish to roll in. It has a clean design from outside.

It is also water resistance. 10% lightweight than other backpacks. It comes with different variants and sizes to pick. If you want lightweight then this is your go-to Wheeled backpack.

  • Fabric –  Polyester Membrane
  • Size 14 x 10 x 19 inches
  • StrapsThick and wide shoulder straps
  • Pockets 2 x Inner, hidden, and outer 
  • Lightweight and minimalistic design
  • Best price compared to other products
  • Well padded inner compartments
  • Sturdy wheels 
  • Zipper quality is not up to the mark
  • Tiny in size compared to others wheeled backpacks

#8 Targus Compact Wheeled Backpack

Targus has designed a compact wheeled backpack just for business and School / College purpose. It comes with 29L capacity, which is pretty big enough to have a 15-inch laptop and an Ipad. It is waterproof and has much space for other things.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size 13.8 x 9 x 19 inches
  • StrapsTuck away comfortable shoulder strap
  • Pockets Inner pockets / 2 side mesh pockets  
  • 1500+ customer reviews making it Amazon’s Choice
  • Elastic strap to hold clothes inside the bag
  • Can fit both laptop & tablet
  • Spacious pockets to store accessories and other stuff
  • Waterproof to a particular level
  • Not durable and sturdy
  • Back is not padded well

#9 Matein Rolling Wheeled Backpack

Matein’s rolling backpack has a fully padded compartment for laptop. It also has a compartment for books and other stuff. I t is primarily for schools and college students.

It is not fully waterproof and has high-quality zippers going around it. The external frame is quite big and looks nice too.

  • Fabric –  Polyester
  • Size 14.3 x 11 x 5.2 inches
  • Straps Adjustable padded shoulder straps 
  • Pockets Inner pockets / Mesh pockets 
  • 4.5 rating making it Amazon’s Choice
  •  Can hold a laptop, book, and clothes
  •  Breathable and adjustable straps
  • Completely not waterproof
  • Lack of durability

#10 High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra’s wheeled backpack is all about quality. It is built to withstand high tear strength and it is also a lightweight wheeled backpack. It is water-resistant to keep your things clean and dry during rain.

It comes with different variants. Adding to it is a USB port for charging with 34L capacity. It fits a laptop and other electronic stuff with ease.

  • Fabric –  Rip-stop
  • Size 20.9 x 15 x 2.3 inches
  • Straps Air mesh padded shoulder straps 
  • Pockets Multiple Pockets 
  • Wide variety of variants
  • USB port available
  •  Design and quality looks good
  • Issues with quality and wheels
  • Straps can get into the wheels

Frequently asked Questions

#1 Which is the best-wheeled backpack with laptop compartments

Almost all listed wheeled backpack provide you with that facility to hold laptop and tablets. These have a separate compartment for you to keep it safe.

#2 Does it fit under the seat in an plane?

The bag should be 24 inches to fit under the seat in a plane. If it is more it does not fit within airline carry-on regulations. Make sure the bag is within the measurements to fit.

#3 Will the backpack qualify as "Carry On" luggage on a plane trip?

Verified buying customers have reported that they have carried this backpack on several domestic and overseas flights, both in the economy and first/business class. It seems that they did not experience any difficulties with placing the backpack in the luggage bins. It will be a tight fit.

#4 Do wheeled backpack has padded shoulder straps with extra padding for the back?

It depends on what wheeled backpack you purchase. We have listed every bit of details possible for all the backpacks.

#5 Do wheeled backpack has padded shoulder straps with extra padding for the back?

It depends on what wheeled backpack you purchase. We have listed every bit of details possible for all the backpacks.

#6 What is the possibility of wheeled backpack holding plenty of heavy books?

It is perfect for heavy books, a lot of clothes, and pretty much everything you need. These backpacks are strong and comfortable to carry the heavy load if needed.


The Wheeled backpack is all about rolling it and not carrying around. As we hit our conclusion mark we recommend you to go through our picks and chose what’s best for you. 

Editor's Choice

Tilami New Wheeled Backpack

Kipling Sanaa Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra AT3 Wheeled Backpack

Our top pick are based on a lightweight, compatibility, and best for kids, so we chose Tilami’s antifouling wheeled backpack best for kids, Kipling Sanaa wheeled backpack, and High Sierra AT3 is 2 in 1 wheeled backpack.